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Both technologies enable us to create an external portal to our thoughts, and both force us to process our thoughts. I believe what you said was very reasonable. custom essay usa in indian Leave this field empty if you're human: When i use a word document on the pc i type lots and lots of words and I have to do a lot of editing and revising. Try them all and compare the results.

I, too, shall use pen and paper till they cease to exist! I know some people are very good at staring at a computer screen and typing but I like to write. What does writing mean? Keep up the good work.

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Also, if I would want my work to get published, I would have to type it out in a word processing software, which would most likely take ages. As well as artists drawing pictures…a pencil or pen allows us to truely be ourselves rather than pre-determind conformity the PC suggests. Online paper writing vs computer Handwriting is not something to throw out though either…just like the calculator and understanding math, if you lose your computer can you still write? Plus, our computer is in the living room, so it definitely takes out the privacy factor.

I will use the computer for note taking. You can do the same thing via an engaged conversation with a trusted listener pethaps the original technology for advancing and working through our thinking. Online paper writing vs computer When I use pencil or pen and pad it is best for expressing myself in writing, its best to write to friends, and pen and pencil for me stoll is best for writing stories real or fiction….. Many poets still write on paper.

First i write on paper as it is easy,although my typing speed is far better, but still i feel writing,initially, using the conventional method is comfortable for me. Paper is not a thing to be ridiculed as a medium of writing. Online paper writing vs computer Experiment with Free-writing Writing Tip:

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Type one page, then write one page. I also learned to use programs like Microsoft Word for writing. what is thesis writing love essay Paper is not a thing to be ridiculed as a medium of writing. Its just not of any concern these days. I prefer pen and paper.

Is there the same quality on the microphone? Is it because of increased efficiency or is it just because of necessity? Sorry about the quickly written comment. Many poets still write on paper.

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I believe the mechanical sound, the deep alphabetical impressions made on the paper, the use of all your fingers as compared to the pen; the need to be careful while u strike; all of these addup to assist those creative juices within the brain to flow, in-return helping you achieve that beautiful write up…. Yep, so you choose whichever you can do better. Online paper writing vs computer The only thing I like is the neatness of the font. I see this when I start looking at your negatives for typing and realize they go both ways: Fingers though…in typing, its up down motion which can be built up easier than swirling motions and quick lines that require more muscles in our hands and fingers to accomplish.

But as usual, a thing which has advantages will also have disadvantages. Silicon Snake Oil — Second thoughts on the information highway. Online paper writing vs computer I wanted to write my stories using the keyboard as my new medium. I prefer pen and paper because the process allows you to think. Which is better for your situation?

But as so few people use typewriters these days I have to chosen to compare pen and paper with computer. I also find that I can add new ideas, elaborate on more topics and clean up my writing when I start to type up what I have already written down. Online paper writing vs computer However typing was unnatural, talking was unnatural, very different from writing language. Yep, so you choose whichever you can do better.

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