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The possible characteristics underneath are intended as starting prompts for discussion and development of a shared vocabulary among examiners, moderators, teachers and students as to how work at each level might be described. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. custom writing website koozies The candidate succeeds in addressing counter-examples and in showing a variety of perspectives, which results in a highly effective evaluation of the areas of knowledge.

This also detracts slightly from the understanding shown of both the areas of knowledge and associated ways of knowing. Planning and drafting is a crucial stage. online writing service history Although the use of examples is excellent the way in which the candidate links to them to knowledge questions is more problematic.

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In this case, by choosing to structure the essay through shared and personal knowledge a little depth is lost in the analysis of the areas of knowledge, which in part stops this essay from being awarded the highest grade. The knowledge question stated at the end of the introduction is potentially slightly tangential to the title, but is not fully explored in the body of the essay. Tok essay help mark criteria 2016 This essay is on the border between level 3 and level 4, but because of the limited analysis and the use of three areas of knowledge, the decision was made that the essay was in the level 3 descriptor at the high end. The presentation is focused on a knowledge question that is connected to a specified real-life situation.

One pitfall of essay writing is to write an overly descriptive answer with lots of examples. The method of assessing the essay on a prescribed title and the presentation in TOK judges each piece of work in relation to written descriptions of performance and not in relation to the work of other students. Tok essay help mark criteria 2016 This document offers top tips from experienced examiners. At the end of the paragraph it is suggested that journalism will be considered in this essay, but how this links to human sciences which is the suggestion for one of the areas of knowledge under discussion remains unclear. So how do we know?

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The work, besides being descriptive regarding certain characteristics of abstract art, lacks focus and shows little coherence. Level 1 Elementary 1—2. pay someone to write paper paperbacks The treatment of language shows some limited understanding.

Counterclaims are identified rather than analysed. These examples can, amongst others, come from your IB DP subject lessons, research you have done or articles you have read. help with thesis statement letters from birmingham jail In the conclusion offer a summary and an evaluation of your answer.

Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Overall this is an accomplished and compelling piece of writing containing relevant, well thought through examples and arguments which are effectively evaluated and lead to a coherent conclusion. academic essay writing youtube What would be the counterarguments and how strong are they? There is a consistent focus on knowledge questions concerned with the relationship between doubt and knowledge as the prescribed title asks.

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Does the essay demonstrate understanding of knowledge questions that are relevant to the prescribed title? It is worth pointing out that in spite of the effective and well-supported examples, the fact that they were not fully evaluated resulted in a mark of 9 being awarded instead of the highest possible mark of Quality of analysis of knowledge questions Arguments are clear , supported by real-life examples and are effectively evaluated ; counterclaims are extensively explored ; implications are drawn. TOK essay assessment instrument Does the student present an appropriate and cogent analysis of knowledge questions in discussing the title? Make sure that you develop links and connections between Areas of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing where appropriate.

Knowledge questions addressed in the essay should be shown to have a direct connection to the chosen prescribed title, or to be important in relation to it. The work, besides being descriptive regarding certain characteristics of abstract art, lacks focus and shows little coherence. Tok essay help mark criteria 2016 Counterclaims are identified rather than analysed.

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